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Katrina Motrinc

​Katrina is a fully licensed clinical social worker, specializing in individual, family and group counseling. Katrina has extensive training surrounding child and adolescent issues as well as the treatment of anxiety, anger management, depression, divorce adjustment, early childhood issues and postpartum depression. Katrina received her Bachelors of Social Work Degree from Eastern Michigan University and then went on to Wayne State University and obtained her MSW in 2005. Katrina has 6 wonderful children and enjoys spending time with her family and drinking good coffee. In the past 15 years that Katrina has spent working with and supporting families, she found that not only does she possess extensive training and education in her field, but she also truly enjoys what she does and considers it a blessing to work with so many wonderful individuals and families throughout the years.

About Me

  • I lived in Tokyo for 3 years in middle school with my family

  • I had one of my children in the car!

  • I love playing piano and have performed in various bands throughout the years!


If you would like to request me as your therapist, click here: Request Katrina

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